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How to Help the Less Fortunate

Christmas is fast approaching, you may be done with your Christmas shopping and gift wrapping your presents for your loved ones but have you thought of other people who may not be as fortunate as you are in this season of giving? It is not too late to extend a helping hand to people if you want to make their Christmas as jolly as yours.

Here are some ways in which you can help brighten and bring cheers to these people lives this holiday:

There are lots of ways to help the poor. Your friends and relatives will play a great part in your drive to help the less fortunate. You can start collecting canned goods and donate them. During this season, several religious organizations are collating and starting a donation drive too. You can donate medicines like Neosporin.You can bring all your collected canned goods at the church of your choice. Or you can even start your own drive. Ask everyone in your circle of influence to bring canned goods. You can even allot a small prize for a person who will bring the most goods. Set a specific time when to collect them and then donate the canned goods to shelters or homeless people in your community.

In your office, you can ask your office mates and co-workers to bring used clothes, blankets, shoes and start clothes drive to warm these people during the holidays. Start collecting them and pick the ones that are usable. After finishing the drive, bring these clothes to the less fortunate ones in your community or to a shelter of your choice. This will surely warm them in the cold evening nights. You can also donate pillows such as the ones featured on or for pregnant people there are specially made ones found on this page. By the way, pillows for shoulder pain relief are also available:

Perhaps the most popular way of helping the less fortunate people are to give them money. Sites like provide loans to the underprivileged, helping them start their own businesses. This is something that they can use to buy things they need and food to eat. There is a disadvantage though when people give money to less fortunate. Instead of buying foods and the things they need, they buy cigarettes and alcohol for themselves.

Involve your Friends!

Ask your friends and relatives to bring in used or brand new toys, any kind of non-perishable foods, soaps, towels and other things that you might find useful to other people. Put it in a gift basket and distribute the gift baskets in your community.

Organize, together with your church an event that will enlist less fortunate children in your community. Call this drive “adopt a child”. You can spend and celebrate the Christmas season with them. Bring them to the mall, buy them gifts, let them eat at your home  and celebrate the Christmas season at your place.

Not all help comes in form of gifts and money. You can give them something aside from money, if you see a less fortunate person walking; show them that you care. Inform them where they can find help like shelters and organizations that cares for people like them. A group of friends of mine have donated a large amount of mira hair oil for those who don’t have the luxury of fashionable hair products as we do in the West. You can also give them addresses of charity institutions where they can find shelter even during the Christmas season.

Give a Helping Hand

Volunteering is a good way to help the less fortunate because without you as volunteers, no work will be finished. Volunteering to help in the shelter during Christmas season will unload the shelter’s staff of some duties and attend to the most important ones. In this way, it is not only the less fortunate people who will appreciate your good deeds but the social workers too.

Try volunteering also in the hospitals, orphanages and other institution that needs extra services during this holiday season. Helping them in some of the household chores will be well appreciated by the organization. This is also a way to make and meet new people and eventually become friends with them. Once these people trust you, they are more likely to help you out too when the times comes that you need their help. Helping can be just about anything as long as it is done with genuine care and love. Companies like have been known to contribute generous donations to the needy.

Once in a while you go out and meet less fortunate people on the streets. They are not bad people, it’s just that something not so good happened to them that made them who they are. Socialize with them to make their day a better one. If you do not want to mingle or join them, smile at them. A warm smile can brighten up their day. Sometimes, a smile is all they need to feel good about them.

The most important help that you can give is to spread the love. Spread the act by teaching the young  ones  about the less fortunate people. Remember that children learn from their parents on how to treat people. By teaching them about the plight of these unfortunate people, you can inspire them to help too. You will be able to teach them a sense of compassion and love towards different kinds of people. In doing this, they will grow up to be the loving person that you taught them to be. Show them you are helping these people so that they will help them too when they grow up and spread the same love as you did.

Uplift Yourself by Uplifting Others

Helping others in any way you can uplift the spirit and put you in a very good mood. You will feel better after helping others.

Helping out especially during this Christmas season will bring back the reason for the celebration. It can also make a big difference in your community. This small action can make a big difference in touching other people’s lives. All you have to do is help out in any way you can.

Whatever help you can extend to the less fortunate people will be greatly appreciated by them and will never be forgotten who knows you might need the help of these people too. Try to be kind and patient in dealing with these people, smile and help. Heaven is not far for people who help their fellow men. By doing good to other people, you will earn a place in heaven together with the angels.